Bucket List

A bucket list may seem cliché to you, but when I was diagnosed with Stage IV Breast Cancer in January of 2013, I was told I had 18-24 months to live. I was only 28 with three small children. There were and are still so many things I wanted to accomplish with my children, husband and family.  All I ever wanted to do was be a mom. I had already gave birth to and buried a child, along with hopes and dreams for her, and then miscarried my second child- I never thought I would ever be a mother. I fought hard to be a mom and endured not only loss, but also a hard birth and NICU stay with the twins. Followed by an emergent birth that ended my child bearing days and also numerous medical issues with my son. When I finally had it all, death came breathing down my neck and my very existence was threatened. My kids were still babies when I was diagnosed, so I compiled a list of not only things I did as a child that I wanted to do with my children, but things I wished of doing, and experiences I had hoped to see achieved. The list morphed into a list of dreams. And my mommy bucket list grows the longer I am alive- I am able to have new dreams that I thought I would never see. Dreams that make me happy. Happy to be a daughter, sister, friends, wife and mother. And right now, being happy is pretty awesome.

Buy the kids a swing set

Take kids to Circus

Go to a Christian Concert

Teach kids to fly a kite

Meet Bubba from 100.7

Take kids to the Carnegie Science Center

Take kids to the Aviary

Take kids to the movies

Take kids to the Drive In

Have a backyard camp night in a tent

Take kids to see Seseame Street live

Take kids on the Gateway Clipper

Take kids to see Disney On Ice

Teach kids to read

Take kids to all Disney parks

Get kids a Bulldog

Take the kids on a Ducky Tour of the Three Rivers

See a Broadway Musical in NYC

Take kids to a musical

Meet NKOTB (fan girl status=creepy)

Take kids to ride a horse

Take the whole family to Salem in October

Visit Boston & catch a Red Sox Game

Watch kids take piano lessons

Buy kids a piano

Have Lemonade Stands with the kids

Teach kids to ride a bike with no training wheels 

Have a Halloween Costume Party

Be an actor in a super cool Haunted House

Take kids to indoor swim park

Go to the Georgia Aquarium

Teach kids to swim under water

Go on a family Cruise

Take the whole family to see a real Indian Powwow

Take kids camping across the country

Go to Australia

Meet/See Jimmy Fallon

Catch a Justin Timberlake Concert

Be in the audience of a live recorded TV Show

Buy our dream home

Watch the sun rise with my husband

Visit NYC and Ground Zero

Visit the Statue of Liberty

Take the kids to a New York Fire Station

Meet a New York Police Officer . . . in New York

Meet the Impractical Jokers

Take the kids to Niagara Falls

Take kids to Sea World

Take the whole family to Washington, DC

Take the kids to every Smithsonian Museum in DC

See a dolphin in its natural habitat

Family vacation in Clearwater, FL

Take kids to see Winter the dolphin

Swim with a dolphin

Take the kids to Brentwood’s 4th of July Parade

Take the kids to the Grand Canyon

Take kids to a Pirate’s baseball game

Buy a boat or camper

Renew vows in Hawaii

Take Mom to Ireland

 Take Mom and Dad to see a Steeler game

Take the kids crabbin’

See the kids get an “A” on a paper/report card

Take kids skiing

Take the kids snow tubing

See them accept Christ in their lives

Watch kids be baptized (2 out of 3!)

Watch kids play sports

Watch kids perform in a play, band or chorus (2 out of 3!)

Help kids through their first heartbreak

Take the girls for a spa day

Watch kids go to prom

Watch kids graduate (pre-school works for now!)

Send kids off to college

Watch kids get married

Watch kids have babies

Write a book

Go to Universal Studios

Help the kids with a report

Watch the kids complete a service project

Meet Lysa TerKeurst

Buy a pig

Complete my first house project

Have a girls weekend with my sisters/besties

Watch my godson and nephews go to Kindergarten

Take the kids to play laser tag

Have my son take me on a date

Help teach my niece and nephew to drive

Have birthday party sleepover for the kids

Watch my nieces and nephews graduate (2 down!)

Watch the girls play on a high school sport team

Watch the kids go to a school dance

Get a service dog to help me

Retire to a beach house

Open a small business near the beach

Visit the Redwood National Park (Avenue of the Giants)

Go canoeing or kayaking on the river with the kids

Make the world laugh and smile

Live to see cancer cured

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“I will not die an unlived life
I will not live in fear
of falling or catching fire.
I choose to inhabit my days,
to allow my living to open me,
to make me less afraid,
more accessible,
to loosen my heart
until it becomes a wing,
a torch, a promise. 
I choose to risk my significance;
to live so that which came to me as seed
goes to the next as blossom
and that which came to me as blossom,
goes on as fruit.”

-Dawna Markova